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Bitdefender Central

Bitdefender Login at

Bitdefender Central - Bitdefender Central is web platform with which you can manage or access the Bitdefender product’s online services. Also, this platform provides you the feature to download as well as troubleshoot issues while using the product. Every Bitdefender Antivirus has a unique product key which is necessary for the activation of the product’s subscription. Bitdefender Central also gives you the provision to download the application on your Mobile devices. So that, you can manage your product’s subscription and access all the services on your mobile devices only. This could make all the tasks very easy as you can access any of the systems on which the Bitdefender is already installed by using the Bitdefender Central online.

What is Bitdefender Central - Bitdefender Support:

Bitdefender Central can be used as a web application or mobile application. It is used to access or manage all the Bitdefender product online on a single platform. You only need to have an account to access your products as well as the systems. In case you need have any query then you may contact with the Bitdefender Central Support for further help. bitdefender login

How Bitdefender Central Works?

In order to use the Bitdefender, you need to create or log in to your account. Let us discuss the process in details:

Create Account:

The account can be created by using a valid email id or the email id which you have used at the time of purchase. To create an account please follow the given steps:
  • Open your browser and then visit the link
  • Furthermore, click on the Create Account.
  • You will now be redirected to another web page, enter your details in the required fields.
  • Now you need to tick the checkbox beside the terms of use and then click Create Account.
  • After that, you need to verify your account by clicking on the verification link.
  • The link must have received on your registered email id.
  • Once the verification is done, you can start managing your Bitdefender product and it’s online services.

Signing In:

  • In order to sign in to your account visit the official website.
  • Click on the Sign In button from the top right corner.
  • A new page will be redirected, enter the details in the required field.
  • Furthermore, you need to click on the Sign In.
  • Now, you will be able to see the dashboard of the Bitdefender Central.
If you follow the above-mentioned procedure then you will be able to create and sign in to your account. After signing in to Bitdefender account. use the features of the Bitdefender Central in order to manage your products and services.


Bitdefender Central Dashboard:

On the Dashboard, you will see a panel on the left-hand side which includes various tabs like My Devices, Parental Advisor, Tech Assist, and many more. This will help you to manage your product online. bitdefender download

My Devices:

Under the My Devices tab, you will be able to see and access all the devices on which you have already installed the Bitdefender. You can run the scan to detect and fix the issue you are facing with your product. It will also help you to optimize your system and activating the anti-theft feature to protect your system form any kind of theft.

Parental Advisor:

This feature allows you to check and control your kid’s daily activities on the internet. This includes the time spent on the internet, the website and application which they have used and the contacts of your child’s mobile device. The Bitdefender Central also allows you to block the contact from the list of your child’s phone. All the location they have visited and their social media activities can also be monitored by the parents.

Tech Assist:

You can find and purchase the new Tech Assist service using your Bitdefender Central account. The Tech Assist service will help you to fix the issues with your computer without any further trouble. These services may include adware, viruses, and spyware removal as well as the computer tune-up utilities. You can purchase either of the services as per your requirement. Also, if you face any kind of trouble then you may contact Bitdefender Central Support for the better assistance.

My Subscriptions:

You will be able to see all the details related to your Bitdefender subscriptions. Furthermore, you can check that on which device the product is installed. All the activation and expiration related dates can be viewed under my Subscriptions tab.

My Offers:

You can see all the personalized or tailored offers as per the security requirements of your system.

My Account:

My account window can be opened by clicking on the profile icon from the top right corner of the screen. You can change your personal information as well as the language of your Bitdefender account and product.


You have the 24/7 access to the Bitdefender Central support team in order to get the help related to your system. Our experts have the experience as well as the knowledge in their niche. We have provided the support from a very long time related to the issues like Downloading failed, Login invalid, product key not working and many others. If you are facing any of the issues which we have mentioned or any other issue related to your system then feel free to connect with our support team. You can directly contact Bitdefender Support by using the toll-free support number and the support portal link. bitdefender central

FAQs - Bitdefender Central:

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If the issues mentioned above are giving you trouble and not letting you use your product then let our experts resolve the issues for you. Call us at Bitdefender Support for the further and quick help.